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Submission of Articles/Contents & Interactive Participation


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News From Bangladesh (NFB)encourages submission of alternative, insightful reports, reviews, news stories ,features, commentaries, editorials and opinion pieces on all issues of relevance to the South Asia and world in general.

New Feature ( As of Oct 25, 2012) : You can also submit  articles in Bangla ( Vernacular) in Bijoy and other simlar Bangl fonts


NFB especially encourages submissions of articles on alternative issues that mainstream media generally do not cover.

Submission of Third party materials( see Below)

Submission of Third party materials must have required permission from the original source for reposting in NFB to avoid copyright violation.All necessary permission must be obtained by the contributors themselves for reposting in NFB. E mail Copy of the Permission is required for reposting of third party materials in NFB


Submission of News Items & Stories / Interactive Participation

One my submit news items for posting in NFB, providing the content is well authenticated ,substantiated by the sender and verifiable by NFB . We encourage readers to act and play an important role as a contributor to NFB. Participants/readers are welcome to volunteer as freelancer or stringer for NFB. Our readers are important & valuable members of NFB team and as such we very much encourage active participation by our readers – NFB belongs to the readers as much as to us.

Submission of Images /Photos & Videos

One may send images/Photos & Videos for posting in NFB’s Photo & Video gallery or in other section as special feature, separately or along with the write ups submitted by the contributor. Images should be sent as JPG and GIF format, each image item size should not exceed 64k, unless otherwise allowed by NFB on prior request by the author. Videos can be submitted with links to Youtube or other video sites.

Rules for submission

The whole idea is to have a free flow of information without any censorship on articles, news stories and any other materials for that matter. However, NFB generally will not publish any material:

a. that are offensive, vulgar, unprofessional or uncivil in nature;

b that might be considered defamation in nature;

c. that are totally unsubstantiated;

d. that are basically personal attacks or person-focused, rather than message-focused.


To further uphold the integrity of this forum and enhance the confidence of our readership in this forum:


a. NFB will not accept any material contributed anonymously.

b. NFB will not allow contribution under aliases or pseudonames.

c. All contributors must disclose their real identity by providing verifiable institutional affiliation, e mail address and relevent contact deatils . In case of any potential abuse, NFB reserves the right to verify such information.


How content style should be for submission

All content must be in MS word Doc file or in Text format , write ups must be in proper format, authors are requested to check spelling and grammars before submission . Please do not use any customize macro or complicated formatting styles. One may send images along with the write ups in JPG and GIF format, image size should not exceed 34k, unless otherwise allowed by NFB on prior request by the author.



NFB is not in a position to ensure full compliance before the fact, any pattern of violation would be the responsibility of the contributor. NFB is not responsible or liable for the content submitted by the participants and do not necessarily adhere to the views & opinion expressed by the authors.

What information should be provided byAuthor/Contributor:


  • All submissions should include author's full name, contact information ( City & country of residence) including valid e mail address. Telephone numbers and Postal address are optional, may be sent on voluntary basis only, but will not be posted unless otherwise instructed by the author.
  • Participants are also encouraged to send a passport size image (Photo) of themselves for posting along with the content in NFB . Image size should not exceed 20k- in JPG or GIF format . Please note: This as an optional thing -only on voluntary basis, not a requirement or a prerequisite in sending articles.


  • All write ups can be submitted via e mail as attached word Doc file or in Text format : or via feedback /comments form provided in all content pages of NFB


Please note: Submission of articles does not necessarily guarantee publication .

Authors may wish to contact NFB editor’s desk : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for feedback on proposed ideas before making a submission.

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Send via e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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